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Some of Our Work 

Here are some of the jobs that we have completed at NexGen Fire Protection. No job is too big or too small! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to view more photos of what we are working on. 


Backflow Rebuild 

This Customer's Backflow failed at the time of inspection and asked us to come out to rebuild it. During the rebuild we noticed many particles of debris that damaged the check and wouldn't allow the backflow to function properly. After flushing the incoming line multiple times, we rebuilt the backflow and tested it. After completing the test, the system was returned back into service. 

Fire Pump Replacement 

The Customer called and asked us to replace their fire pump due to many previous issues with the original fire pump that wasn't maintained properly. We removed the old fire pump and base. We then drilled anchors to mount the base of the fire pump. We then framed out a new concrete pad, which was poured and allowed to cure. While the concrete cured, we installed the new control panel for the electrician to wire up. We also had to install a new sensing line for the controller. We wrapped up the job by installing a new case and relief valve and associated drain piping for the relief and packing. All Fire pump repacks, overhauls, and replacements come with an advanced fire pump test once the work is completed. 


Five Year Internal Assessment 

We arrived at the site to perform a routine five-year internal assessment of the piping and check valves. During our investigation we found high volumes of debris and corrosion and some blockages. We documented the condition of the piping and notified the owner of the building. The owner soon decided to replace the entire system to prevent any further issues with their sprinkler system. 

Dry System Air Compressor Replacement 

We arrived on site due to an emergency call that the dry system air compressor had failed and that the system had tripped and dispatched the fire department. We had to hook up a temporary compressor to keep the system in service until we could get the new compressor shipped to our office. The day the Gast compressor arrived we quickly contacted the customer so we could get it installed. Every compressor we install is functionality tested multiple times to insure everything is in working order. The customer was so satisfied with the service we provided that he asked us to replace the remaining compressors within the facility. 

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